Who I Work With?

My business is about Loving Self, a journey that requires you look at how loving yourself can improve your life. Loving ourselves looks at where your pain originates, and offers solutions that help you to work through them.  We look at what keeps you stuck and provides the necessary tools to help you achieve desired results, transforming your life and the relationships around you. We look at your core beliefs and those that limit you too, digging deeper into issues that may not have been addressed before or are still ongoing.

My focus is on people living with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, who have been bullied (victim, bystander & perpetrator), suffer self-esteem and self-confidence issues, addiction recovery and abuse.    I understand each one and am able to help the individual work through the issues that need to be addressed.

I also work with girls 12 – 17 in developing self-esteem and self-confidence with my course called Loving Self Creates Positive Changes.   I also help women in establishing boundaries, overcoming codependancy, building healthy relationships, getting to the root of your beliefs, positive communication strategies and building better self-esteem and confidence.

I am also available for couples who are looking to improve their communication skills, establish a healthy relationship and needing to work on any issues that are keeping them from having a meaningful relationship.     I also work with Children of Aging Parents, who are needing assistance in working through their childhood issues and the overall caregiving that comes with aging parents.





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