My Learning Style

Blogging 101 has turned out to be very satisfactory.

Our newest assignment is on What’s Your Learning Style?

Do you prefer learning in a group and in an interactive setting?

Or one-on-one?

Do you retain information best through lectures, or visuals,

or simply by reading books?

Regarding my learning style I have always been visual, kinesthetic and read/write.    Depending on the learning experience is what determines the mode of learning I use. While researching this assignment, knowing myself well.    I looked through the other assignments that were complete.

I came across another blogger Sun Dragon Lady who was talking about VARK .  I have never heard of this type of learning modality before.    I was intriqued by what she had to say about it in her blog, and decided to investigate.    I discovered after completing the questionnaire that I was Visual 12, Aural 10, Read/Write 11 and Kinesthetic 11.    The results told me that I was a multi-modal learner, who needed various modes taught, in order to learn.   50% of faculty are multi-modal learners.

If you want to learn more from another blogger on this topic, please visit Sundragon Lady  or if you want to complete the questionnaire, please click on VARK Questionnaire

Thank you for visiting!   Thank you Sun Dragon Lady for teaching me about VARK.