Journaling with a Twist

Journaling is a very powerful tool when it comes to problem solving.   It is great for jotting down those details that can overwhelm our minds with information.     It will also help to write out your goals, gratitude entries, dreams and more.     It’s a process that helps when you seek out therapy or for your doctor, so they can use it to recognize patterns and areas that you could improve on.

I love to write and find it good therapy for myself.    My intention for this blog is to create bi-weekly entries that will empower, inspire and help you cope with every day stresses, depression, anxiety and other issues you may be faced with.    My hope is to have invited guests who can also share their knowledge and expertise.    I will use humor, art therapy, cognitive behavioral training and other modalities that are effective.

It will also give you updates to what is ongoing at Love From The Inside, as I get ready to launch my book “Steps to Loving You, Creating Positive Changes”.    I have some other fun tools that will be available in the coming months that will give you those small reminders of how important Loving Self is.     Thank you for your continued support, my mission is to teach others how to love themselves first, which will only improve the relationships you are in or seeking to find.

I look forward to what 2018 brings for us all, I hope you will continue following!


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