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Meet Trish

I am a counsellor who believes in person centered theories; knowing that what is locked inside each person are the answers to working through life’s struggles.

My vision is to assist people like yourself who are suffering from low self-esteem, low self-confidence, have been bullied (victim, bystander and perpetrator), suffer from depression or anxiety, have been abused, co-dependant or suffer from addiction.

 I believe that solution focussed plans, will assist my clients in achieving the results they desire, in their personal or professional lives.   A commitment from you, will provide the tools needed to do the work and succeed.   Past clients say that I am nice, friendly and know what the issues are, and how to work through them.   I will assist you with working through any blocks that may occur.   It takes courage to open up, and I allow for that time to really work through any emotions that may come up.

I celebrate helping others by providing support through compassion, building therapeutic relationships, empathy, kindness and all in a supportive environment  regardless of race, gender, culture, religion or political affiliation.    My goal is to build a world where people feel like they matter,  are confident in, they respect one another, there is support that help people thrive and encourage each other to do better.     The difference I want to make in this world is by replacing hate with love.

At my core is a heart that believes in helping others.   It is through my own experiences and education that I understand the cycles that occur, and we can sometimes find ourselves stuck in and repeating patterns.   I offer solutions that will help create awareness and look at what is at the core of any beliefs you may have about yourself.

Love From The Inside is about teaching people to love themselves first, because we truly can’t love another before we do.  We find ourselves in cycles, where issues become patterns and they keep repeating themselves.     This is often a difficult thing to do for some people, especially if they have been given distorted messages that have stemmed from childhood, pre-teen years and even adulthood. These are messages that were damaging to our self-esteem from people we trusted and who were at times our peers, our parents and others in authority.     Loving ourselves truly as we are is the first step towards finding happiness, discovering our true potential, and having deeper meaning in our relationships.

I am the Founder/President of Love From The Inside Wellness Society   We have a good group of people who are wanting to make a difference in the community where they live.    This has been a lifelong dream of mine, that I am happy to finally see  come to fruition.    I first recognized the need for wellness while living on the Sunshine Coast, and have prepared for the past 20 years, by taking courses and pursuing my dream of Counselling.      We are currently working on our Registered Charitable Status.    We have also taken on BuyArtFeedKids, that was founded in Sechelt by Dana Caple, an Artist and Advocate for feeding families and kids.

My video speaks briefly about why I believe like I do!

Please refer to my Speaker Page and my Links/Branding Page for more information.  




21 thoughts on “About Me

  1. What you are doing is very good. For sure, many people will benefit from your services. I buy many, if not all, of your ideas. What you say about loving from inside is true. I look forward to reading more on your site. It’s a good site. Cheers!


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