Mandalas: Assignment for Blogging 101


I am enthralled by the magic of a Mandala, which I taught in a course for people living with chronic pain.    The purpose of the course was to teach distraction, when we can find a hobby that brings meaning we detach from the pain.    Mandalas originated from the early days of human history.   Found in ancient rock carvings of Africa, Europe and North America.   Each with a specific design, some circular and spiral.

Carl Jung a Swiss psychiatrist, was the first to introduce us to this Sanskrit word meaning center, circumference or magic circle adopted from the Indian traditions.   This was a practice he found therapeutically helped his clients.     In his discoveries he mentions that it was a symbol of self, the wholeness of our personality that is harmonious when it goes well.

In 1965/66 Jung wrote: “The self I thought, was like the monad I am, and which is my world.  The mandala represents this monad, and corresponds to the microcosmic nature of the psyche.”    He discovered that the human psyche was the archetype that created patterns, orientation and meaning.   His insight gave him the feeling of stability, which brought inner peace.

The mandala circle mirrors the Self as the container for the psyche’s striving toward self-realization or wholeness.    It suggests mysteries that may stimulate exotic, confusing or difficulty.     When we create a mandala, we make a personal symbol that reveals who we are at the moment.

To create a mandala you need to gather white paper and materials you want to create with.  Relax, close your eyes and imagine the tension leaving your body.  When you begin to loosen up, let the thoughts of your day release.   Close your eyes and begin to focus your attention on the colors, images and shapes that may come to mind.   Open your eyes, and draw a circle …. begin!   Looking at it from all angles, place a small t to signify the top of your mandala.     When you are finished creating your mandala, date it and sign it.

I have been both inspired and encouraged by the network of talented people I have met, through this free course offered by Blogging 101 University on WordPress.   This next assignment encouraged us to reply and comment in a blog, honoring our neighbor.    For more about Mystical Writer whose blog I commented on, you can link too:  Mandalas